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Sample our signature cocktails, or choose from an unrivalled variety of wines beers and spirits.


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Jack's Signature Cocktails

—  Gibbon's Rum Punch  —
This recipe has been in hiding since Tony Gibbons Beach was renamed after Princess Margaret's famous swim. Gibbons is said to have spent a lot of time at sea & when finally back home, he enjoyed a strong one...


—  Passionfruit Mojito  —
Dark rum, lots of fresh lime, the usual suspects - sugar, mint & soda are just the start. This cocktail bursts with the flavours of locally picked fresh fruit.


—  Seasonal Mai Tai  —
Take a classic & add a touch of tropical! Nothing more needs to be said about this refresher.


—  SVG & Tonic  —
A twist on a classic Gin & Tonic, with the addition of a squeeze of Grapefruit and pressed Ginger. It puts the G into SVG!


—  Rusty the Dog  —
This old dog spends his days at Jack’s or on the beach, ocassionally going for a swim. This drink pays homage to him and and you will fall in love with it as all those that meet Rusty do as well.


—  Soursop Colada  —
Frozen drinks are a beach must! This colada has not only the pineapple & coconut cream you'd expect but we add soursop. you won't even taste the SLR rum and thats not an easy task.


—  Union Island Iced Tea  —
There are 6 beaches on Union Island and this long drink pays homage with a mix of six different types of alcohol. you won't be getting back on the ferry after a few of these.


Our full menu is available at the bar and contains a wide variety of cocktails, spirits, beers and wine.